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Now For Something Different: Pixels


Movie Review

Title: Pixels
Release Date: 12th August 2015
Where Seen: Cinema
Genres: Comedy, Action, Sci-Fi
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IMDB Description: 
When aliens misinterpret video feeds of classic arcade games as a declaration of war, they attack the Earth in the form of the video games.

Adam Sandler - Brenner
Kevin James - Cooper
Peter Dinklage - Eddie
Josh Gad - Ludlow

Chris Columbus
Production Company:
Columbia Pictures
Awesome. Epic. Nerdy and just all round hilarious.
I can't emphasise how much I need to recomend this film to anyone who is a little nerdy and knows that some films are just not meant to be taken seriously.
I like the structure of the film, it flowed well from one scene to the next and never became boring once.
The whole idea of it was just fantastic. Based on facts about the NASA probe and classic video games ground this film in reality considering it was so outrageous.
It was really strange and different but it was always easy to understand and comprehend so therfore good for all ages.
The idea of the film is that Aliens have taken our probe and recordings of retro video games as a declararion of war. They then go and release the games on the world and the only people that can stop them are the Arcaders.

First you had Brenner played by Adam Sandler the lead character who was both nerdy and the dry humoured hero of the movie. He was the hero all nerds want to be and easily the best character in the film.

Next you have his love interest Violet played by Michelle Monaghan who was just so badass you instantly related to her and loved her. She is smart, refined, clever and funny and has epic fighting skills. The perfect companion for a more bumbling Brenner.

My second favourite character in the movie was Brenner's best friend and US president Cooper 'chewie' played by Kevin James. He wasn't a gamer but a hero in himself. Going from a average president with low ratings because of his inability to read and ability to look the fool. To a man who pulled everyone together as the heart of the group and even fighting the boss level as another arcader even though he was only good at the grabber as a child.

The next member of the arcaders is Ludlow played by Josh Gad he was the ultimate nerd who lives with his grandma and dreams of marrying the beautiful game character Lady Lisa. He is the brains of the operation and definable the most hilarious character.

Finally we have Eddie played by Peter Dinklage. He was arrogant, cocky and unintentionally funny. The anti-hero of the group. He wasn't the most likable guy being the rebellious inmate. But he added something to the group. What I am not sure of but definitely something.

I loved the challenges they were set defeating Pac Man, Donkey Kong and all the orher classic games. It was an innovative idea and it was pulled off really well.

I even love the trailer, the way it starts like a classic disater movie and then suddenly there's pac man. Nom nom nom.

Qbert is just the cutest thing on the planet and I want one. 
"Have you been playing Space Invaders recently? Because you are invading my space."
[Credit to IMDB]
Professor Iwatani: Pac-Man is not bad. You'll see.
Sam Brenner: Professor Iwatani, what are you doing?
Professor Iwatani: I will talk to him, he's my son.
[to Pac-Man]
Professor Iwatani: Hello, my sweet, little boy. Look how big you've grown.
Ludlow Lamonsoff: That's so sweet, he's so sweet.
Professor Iwatani: I know, you're a good boy.
[Pac-Man bit his hand into pixels, then he and the genius scream]
Professor Iwatani: Somebody annihilate this stupid thing!

Overall Rating:

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